MM Ep 201: How to Light Your FIRE in Fitness

This week on my fitness show I discuss how to not only find your fire but how to use it to propel you to your fitness goals. I share exactly what fueled me and how I’ve kept it going. I tell YOU how to use the negative situations in your life to your advantage. This is a can’t miss episode

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MM Ep 199 – Fitness Talk is BACK! Info on my “Shakeology Shakeup” that Starts Soon

Guys! I’m back with the most real podcast I’ve ever done, exposing my past struggles with fitness & weight loss (and yes even a relationship story or two). If you’ve finally had enough with how you look and feel and want to change reach out to me or on Twitter @The_WWE_Podcast. I also give you some details on exactly what the “Shakeology Shakeup” is.


MM Ep 183 – Raw & SD Live Reviews & My Rant on Woman-Man Physicality in WWE



Reviewing Raw & SD Live for the week ending 1/6/17. Rants on David Otunga & Woman on Man violence can also be found inside. It’s a can’t miss week of WWE thoughts.
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MM Ep 182 – Its 2017, How Start Your Fitness Journey Off Right


In a very special edition of the show, I share my fitness tips with you and extend a personal invitation to YOU if you’re beginning your fitness journey. Join me in this first episode of 2017, its a CANT miss.

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MM Ep 175 – My Very REAL Fitness Story & How it Can Help YOU


Guys, this may be my favorite show I’ve done. I give you a very candid and real story about my fitness journey. From the highs & lows to breakups and tough times, I show you how I used it all to get where I want to be. This is an absolute must listen.

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MM Ep 151: The Secret Key to Growing Your Networking Business (It’s More Obvious Than You Think)



To those who are beginning a fitness journey, or if you’re a seasoned veteran, you need to remember that other people may discourage you from succeeding, but that doesn’t mean their failure needs to be yours.

I also discuss how to succeed if you are in Network marketing trying to build your business. Listen to some HUGE mistakes I made and how to make your business explode by not being a “salesman”

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MM Ep 146 – Your Mindset is the Key to Your Fitness Success


Molecular Thoughts

In today’s show I explain why the key to your success in fitness isn’t physical, its mental. Your mindset is the ultimate key to achieving your goals. Listen to here why I prefer a home fitness program vs going to the gym, some of my gym pet peeves and how to overcome compromise.

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The McBryde Guide To Choosing A Wrestling Mat

McBryde Mats

The most critical piece of equipment for any wrestler, martial artist, tumbler or cheer is not what you may think. Athletes take a lot of risk in their quest to break boundaries in the sport and those risks come in the form of injury. The matting that lies beneath your feet and that we all take for granted every time we double flip off a cheese wedge, takedown an opponent or accidentally fall the wrong way is the final barrier of protection that no one ever seems to think about. In this article we are going to look at mats and sort you through the information that you need to know to equip your team, your gym, your home or your garage into a safe, secure and productive environment that allows you to push the limits of your talent, rather than worry if you’re going to be hung up with an injury from dropping a knee or the like.

McBryde Mats 2

The first component of looking at your mats is finding out what your needs will be. In specific terms, were talking about the size of the surface area that you need to cover with the mat. Mats are sold either in pre-cut format in different sizes, or you can custom order the shape and cuts to fit your exact location.

Pre-cut mats are a great idea for a quick solution and a cost effective one as well. You can find them in a variety of different sizes to cover any area and they are usually able to join together with a little tape along the sides to keep them in place.


Wrestling Casey

Source :

If you have the budget, then you should consider finding a top quality manufacturer that can offer you a custom build to your exact specifications. Whether it’s for the home to fit an awkward shape, or in a gym that’s going to host 100 athletes at a time, the manufacturer should be able to cover your needs and your floor space. Some manufactures offer the service of custom painting your mats to your gym or teams’ logo in a method that won’t be worn off by the athletes use. These kind of custom installations can be very expensive, sometimes North of $15 000 but if you do own a gym, it’s a wise business investment. Sometime the manufacturers may even be able to work out a long term agreement with you to supply you for the future. This is great because you have them on calf o any replacements or repairs and general advice.



Some other factors to consider when looking at which mat is right for your sport is the thickness of the mat. For example, crash mats, martial arts mats, mma mats, wrestling mats, each have different physical demands that the sports place on the athletes and each require a different thickness and type of padding. For example, practising wrestling takedowns or cheer set ups on crash mats that are thick and absorbent enough to withstand a heavy landing. OR practising taekwondo kicks on a firmer mat that provides quicker grip. The key is to select the right mats that are specific to your sport, most manufacturers will be able to walk you through their selection and tell you which products from their range will suit you and your team the best.


McBrdye Mats 3Another crucial element to consider is the surface of the mat, the place where the rubber meets the road so to speak, or the point of contact between the practitioner and the ground. You are looking for a surface that is as friction free as possible while still maintaining grip when you need it. The surface should not cause burning or scraping from abrasive movements such as sweeping or chuting in wrestling and it should be reasonably resistant to scratching, tearing, cracking and weathering over time. Non-abrasive vinyl and canvas are popular materials used but technology is developing every year.


The core should be made from a resilient foam, in some cases with foam memory technology, different foams vary in lightness and density. PVC nitrile foam is a popular choice and is fairly heavy being able to provide good shock absorption and resilience.


This should give you a clearer idea of what to expect when looking at making a purchase into the right mats for your sport, your environment and help you find a manufacturer that is quality focused, they are out there, but make sure you get a few quotes before just diving in. See what different manufacturers contract lengths and costs are and work out something that protects your athletes and your budget.

Take a look online and read a few reviews, or call up the owners of some gyms in your area and find out what they are using and if it’s any good. Word of mouth is always the best strategy. McBryde Mats are an All-American supplier of the highest quality mats in the industry; if you’re looking for a great deal on your mats then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help you out.

MM Ep 139 – Changing How You Think About “Habits”


In today’s fitness version of the show I explain exactly HOW you can use habits to your advantage in weight loss or fitness goals. We often think about habits as a negative, but the good news is that being creatures of habit, we can consciously make an effort to create new habits that are beneficial for us.

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MM Ep 134 – Killer Fitness Tips Often Overlooked



This week, I talk about some common sense, but often overlooked fitness tips that can help excel your program, or inspire you to start one.

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MM Ep 133 – Justin Hanover, Founder of

mission 5000

Check out my great interview with Justin Hanover, founder of He is providing a fitness program to people of any fitness level.

His program provides accountability, support, meal plans, exercise routines and access to fitness coaches that are there to guide you.

The program is only $49 and comes with a money back guarantee so there is no risk! Check out

MM Ep 131: Step #1 BEFORE Starting Any Fitness Program


The key before you begin any fitness program is to make sure you’re mindset is locked in. How do you keep it focused on your goal? Personal development. Listen to my step-by-step from experience guide that will keep you on track

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MM Ep 129 – Talking With IWF’s “All Star Michele Dee”


Check out my awesome conversation with IWF’s own “All Star Michele Dee”. We discuss how she got into the business, fitness, her favorite WrestleMania moments, Chyna’s passing and tons more! Follow her @Michele3D

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MM Ep 117 – Why Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight


With all of the gimmicks and un-necessarily complicated fitness programs and products, the simplistic is often overlooked. Drinking water not only has weight loss benefits but it can raise your energy level, help you sleep better and increase your overall health.

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MM Ep 113: Why Eating MORE Can Help You LOSE Weight

eat more

Listen how eating MORE can actually help you LOSE weight. Many people have the mindset that eating less will make you lose weight. While that may be true, it can do more damage to your body as a whole, reduce your energy level and a host of other problems.

I also address the issue of “eating healthy is expensive” & how you can make it work for your budget, and the criticism you’ll come across from others who may poke fun at your eating habits

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MM Ep 109: How to Skyrocket Your Fitness Success

fitness partner

This week in my fitness podcast, I outline the importance of not just having a fitness partner, but choosing your partner wisely. Having someone there to keep you accountable, motivated and on track can be immensely helpful in your journey to acheiving your fitness goals. However, finding the RIGHT person (or people) for this role is critical to your success.

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MM Ep 107: Why Patience is Your Best Friend in Fitness


In our instant gratification technologically-driven society, patience often goes by the wayside. In today’s show, I explain why patience is SO important in your fitness journey, and how to get to where you want to be.

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MM Ep 104: How To Get That Summer Body NOW


Today’s show explains how YOU can get that beach body that you want this summer. There is no better time than right NOW to start your program. I go through step by step how to get started and give 3 killer tips that will ensure your success

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MM Ep 99: How to Keep Fitness FUN & HUGE Contest Details!

fun fitness

Today’s fitness show focuses on 2 elements that will keep your fitness ‘routine’ fun and motivating. Music & Attire.

ALSO.. Tomorrow for the 100th episode of my show I’m giving away a FREE Pair of Sweat Jeans to the first caller at 646-787-8297 who answers my fitness question correctly. Tomorrows show link is here:BOOKMARK NOW!

Check out more information on exactly what Sweat Jeans are HERE:

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MM Ep 96: #1 Fat Torching Exercise & Succeeding in Your Business


Today I give you some great tips on how I lost 50lbs, and guess what? It was NOT by running 15 miles a day. In fact, I tell you how in just 30 minute sessions 3-4 times a week you can skyrocket to the next level of weight loss.

I also touch on how to breakthrough in your networking business. Whether you are a BeachBody coach, or another network marketer, I tell you some CRITICAL tips that you need to get started or break through that plateau.

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MM EP 93: Foods & Meal Plans That Torch Fat – Its Easier Than You Think!

Diet Plan

This week in my fitness motivation show, I talk in detail about the foods I eat and meal plan I used to not only lose 50lbs but KEEP it off. Have you been struggling with the idea of a “diet”? Not sure what to eat or how much? You’ll want to tune in to my show for some down to earth advice.

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MM EP 90: Why Slow and Steady Really Does Win the Race

slow & steady

Check out today’s episode of Matts Madness where I talk about why the cliche “slow and steady” really does win the race. Fitness is more of a mental process than most people believe, and I explain why you need to have the physical and mental elements in your body balanced for long term success

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MM EP 88: Fitness – How to Succeed Where Others Will Fail


In this weeks fitness motivation, I provide 4 VERY important tips that will keep you on track and pushing towards your fitness goals. Remember, there is no better time than right NOW to start your lifestyle change!

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