MM Ep 199 – Fitness Talk is BACK! Info on my “Shakeology Shakeup” that Starts Soon

Guys! I’m back with the most real podcast I’ve ever done, exposing my past struggles with fitness & weight loss (and yes even a relationship story or two). If you’ve finally had enough with how you look and feel and want to change reach out to me or on Twitter @The_WWE_Podcast. I also give you some details on exactly what the “Shakeology Shakeup” is.


MM Ep 183 – Raw & SD Live Reviews & My Rant on Woman-Man Physicality in WWE



Reviewing Raw & SD Live for the week ending 1/6/17. Rants on David Otunga & Woman on Man violence can also be found inside. It’s a can’t miss week of WWE thoughts.
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MM Ep 182 – Its 2017, How Start Your Fitness Journey Off Right


In a very special edition of the show, I share my fitness tips with you and extend a personal invitation to YOU if you’re beginning your fitness journey. Join me in this first episode of 2017, its a CANT miss.

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MM Ep 179: Raw, SD Live & WWE Roadblock Predictions


Giving my thoughts on Raw, SD Live & WWE Roadblock for this Sunday 12/18/16. I also extend a personal invitation for those of you looking to make your weight loss New Years Resolutions.

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MM Ep 178: TLC/Raw/SD Live Review & My Personal Invitation To YOU


I’m back with a full review of the TLC PPV, Raw & SD Live from the week ending 12/9/16. I also go on a rant about the hot-potatoing of the Women’s Title and give YOU a personal invitation

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MM Ep 176 – Official Survivor Series Preview – Wait, What is at Stake Again?


With Survivor Series this Sunday I recap the go-home shows for Raw & Smackdown, and give my official predictions for the PPV. Is this Goldberg’s last match? Will HHH return?

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MM Ep 175 – My Very REAL Fitness Story & How it Can Help YOU


Guys, this may be my favorite show I’ve done. I give you a very candid and real story about my fitness journey. From the highs & lows to breakups and tough times, I show you how I used it all to get where I want to be. This is an absolute must listen.

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MM Ep 151: The Secret Key to Growing Your Networking Business (It’s More Obvious Than You Think)



To those who are beginning a fitness journey, or if you’re a seasoned veteran, you need to remember that other people may discourage you from succeeding, but that doesn’t mean their failure needs to be yours.

I also discuss how to succeed if you are in Network marketing trying to build your business. Listen to some HUGE mistakes I made and how to make your business explode by not being a “salesman”

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MM Ep 142 – Raw Recap, Money in The Bank Predictions & Why Owens is WWE’s MVP


Hear my thoughts on WWE’s go-home Raw show for Money in the Bank. I give my reasons why I feel Kevin Owens is WWE’s MVP week after week.

I also provide my official Money in The Bank predictions including a very bold prediction for the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match between Seth & Roman.

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MM Ep 131: Step #1 BEFORE Starting Any Fitness Program


The key before you begin any fitness program is to make sure you’re mindset is locked in. How do you keep it focused on your goal? Personal development. Listen to my step-by-step from experience guide that will keep you on track

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MM Ep 117 – Why Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight


With all of the gimmicks and un-necessarily complicated fitness programs and products, the simplistic is often overlooked. Drinking water not only has weight loss benefits but it can raise your energy level, help you sleep better and increase your overall health.

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MM Ep 109: How to Skyrocket Your Fitness Success

fitness partner

This week in my fitness podcast, I outline the importance of not just having a fitness partner, but choosing your partner wisely. Having someone there to keep you accountable, motivated and on track can be immensely helpful in your journey to acheiving your fitness goals. However, finding the RIGHT person (or people) for this role is critical to your success.

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MM EP 93: Foods & Meal Plans That Torch Fat – Its Easier Than You Think!

Diet Plan

This week in my fitness motivation show, I talk in detail about the foods I eat and meal plan I used to not only lose 50lbs but KEEP it off. Have you been struggling with the idea of a “diet”? Not sure what to eat or how much? You’ll want to tune in to my show for some down to earth advice.

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MM EP 77: Why Hard Work Shouldn’t Scare You


Check out my podcast on a simple technique to success in fitness or building your business. The key? Hard Work. Its unavoidable, but necessary. Find out why you shouldn’t give up or be afraid of it.

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MM Ep 73: BeachBody Coaching – Getting Started Right


In this weeks episode I describe 3 critical success factors when starting as a BeachBody coach. This is a must listen!

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MM Ep 71: Turning a “No” into a “Yes” & Foolproof Fat Burning Plan


So often we get discouraged when people react negatively to the products we are sharing. But we have to remember that a ‘no’ could simply mean ‘not right now’.

In this Podcast I talk about how to turn a “No” into a positive and provide the key to success in you fitness or business plan.

I also give out my TOP SECRET fitness and diet plan that helped me torch body fat and increase lean muscle. Check it out!

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MM EP 69: Stop Selling & Start Sharing


Having the right mindset is key to succeeding at any business. The most common mistake that we make is going in with trying to “sell” people rather than share products with them that can improve their lives.

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MM Ep 67: Using Basics to Create Success



Ever feel like you’re lost in your fitness routine or business plan? Maybe you need to go back to the basics. In this podcast I talk about the importance of mastering the basics so you can build a foundation for success.

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MM Ep 63: Why You Need to Go ALL-IN


Want to see MAJOR change in your health or business? Then take a listen to this podcast. I discuss why you need to have a “Go All-In” mentality.

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MM Ep 61: The Importance of Goal Setting in Your Business


Ever feel like you’re not making progress? You’re just stuck in a rut in your business or fitness program? Check out today’s podcast, I think it will inspire and motivate you to create progress in your life.

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MM EP 57: BeachBody Coaching, SummerSlam & Raw Review

sting returns

After my weeklong vacation i’m back to talk Fitness, SummerSlam and Monday Night Raw that saw Sting return.

In my Fitness segment at the top of the show I talk about some easily overlooked strategies that you can use to make your coaching business EXPLODE.

I quickly touch on the SummerSlam highlights and discuss Monday Night Raw that was the best in months where the Dudley Boys and Sting made their returns as Undertaker and Brock Lesnar take some time off.

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MM EP 56 – Overcoming Excuses & How to Stay Motivated

I answer the question of “Why do you call your show Matts Madness?”

Also, I focus my first fitness only podcast on Motivation, specifically knowing HOW to establish it and why its important.

I also go over some solutions for the common excuses for not exercising like “I don’t have the energy” and “I just don’t have the time”.

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MM Ep 54 – Stephen Amell Shines on Raw & How to Succeed as a BeachBody Coach


Stephen Amell was a bright spot on Raw, Daniel Bryan returns on MizTV, Orton and Sheamus are on their way to a SummerSlam collision and will John Cena be able to show up at SummerSlam? 

Also, I have some AWESOME Fitness/Business tips for any BeachBody users & coaches out there and answer the question “How do I stay focused and get explosive results?”

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MM EP 53 – Raw Review, Piper/Rousey & KILLER Fitness Tips

brock san jose


Seth and Neville put on the match of the night, Heyman is on another planet with his promos, and is Ronda Rousey still set for WrestleMania 32?

Also, I have some AWESOME Fitness/Business tips for any BeachBody users & coaches out there and answer the question “How do I stay focused and get explosive results?”

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MM Ep 52 – Raw Review, Hulk Hogan Thoughts & Top Fitness Questions

John Cena Nose


In this weeks show I give my thoughts on Hulk Hogan’s Racist Rant, and review Monday Night Raw that saw Seth Rollins and John Cena put on a 4 star PPV quality match. Cena’s nose got busted, but it was one of the better matches on Raw in recent memory.

I also answer some common questions about losing weight. How do I get a 6 pack? What portion sizes should I be eating? And, how can I eat healthy when I’m on the road?

If you’re interested in joining my BeachBody Team, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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