MM Ep 194 – Miz & Maryse Steal the Show, Does it Really Feel like WrestleMania Season?

Miz & Maryse provided MUST-SEE TV this week on Smackdown Live, but what does that say about the rest of the WrestleMania card? Check out all of my thoughts as WrestleMania is just ONE week away.

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MM Ep 192 – WWE’s WTF Booking at Fast Lane – Raw & SD Live Reviews

Reviewing WWE Fast Lane 2017 and WWE’s insanity with their booking, thoughts on Undertaker vs Roman Reigns, KO vs Jericho & so much more!

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MM Ep 161 – Its Time to Play the Game….Again

KO champ

HHH surprised even the “smartest” of fans this week by returning to not only cost Roman Reigns the WWE Universal Title, but also Seth Rollins.. and crown his next hand selected “Man”, Kevin Owens.

In Today’s Show I discuss Owen’s win, SD Live’s fallout with AJ Styles & Dean Ambrose and even discuss Heath Slater’s latest run.

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WWE’s Week in Review for August 26th 2016 (Video)

Check out my thoughts in what was a crazy week in WWE in under 10 minutes!

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MM Ep 160 – Finn Balor Injury, Brock vs Shane? Raw & SD Live Thoughts

AJ Styles

Huge show today talking about Raw, Smackdown Live, Balors Injury, who will be the next Universal Champion and so much more.

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MM Ep 158 – Official SummerSlam 2016 Preview & Predictions


My Official SummerSlam Predictions are here! (note: this was recorded before the news broke about Eva Marie, ADR & Paige’s Suspensions)

I’ll be doing a live post-game show immediately following the PPV on Sunday on

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MM Ep 157 – WWE’s Week in Review – Smackdown 2, Raw 1


eva marie

Post-Brand Extension, Smackdown has proven (so far) to be a more engaging wrestling show than that of its brother, Raw. This week I give my take on both shows as we are only ONE week away from SummerSlam in Brooklyn.

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MM Ep 155 – Raw Slips as Smackdown Soars

brock randy

Talking about Raw & Smackdown Live as we inch closer to SummerSlam in Brooklyn. Is Dolph Ziggler really deserving of a title shot? Can Finn Balor ever become the face of the company? I answer all of this and a TON more in my 90 minute review!

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MM Ep 154 – WWE’s CRAZY Week in Review – Raw, SD Live! & BattleGround

owens zayn

After 3 full days of wrestling, I’ve had time to digest the outcomes and changes WWE is taking aim at. Listen to my full length audio with some great calls!

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MM Ep 153 – WWE Draft & BattleGround Predictions w/ Benny Mack!



This week I am joined by my co-host Benny Mack as we discuss Smackdown Live, The Draft and give our Official BattleGround Predictions! Don’t forget, I will be doing a LIVE post-game show immediately following the PPV this Sunday on BlogTalkRadio. Search for “Matts Madness”

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MM Ep 147 – Raw Review – WWE Owns The Roman Reigns Suspension

RAW Seth Dean

With Roman Reigns out on suspension, WWE did a nice job owning it. Listen to why I believe this is the perfect opportunity for Vince to finally throw in the towel and turn Roman heel.

I also discuss the intrigue with Xavier being hypnotized by Bray Wyatt, AJ vs John Cena Part 2 and why the women’s division is taking a nosedive.

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MM Ep 138 – Raw Review – A Night of Breakups & Missed Opportunities


seth heel

Monday’s Raw felt like someone had pressed the FF button on the remote. While we all saw the breakups between Charlotte & her dad coming at some point, as well as AJ and “The Club” going their separate ways, there was little buildup or backstory to support the payoff.

I also talk about why Seth Rollins as a heel is a mistake, Smackdown going Live and TONS more.

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MM Ep 136: WWE Raw Review & Extreme Rules Predictions – Major Return?


While many matches on Sunday’s PPV look predictable, I would be careful making the obvious choice. WWE likes to shake it up every once in a while.

Also, with Seth Rollins, Finn Balor & Bray Wyatt all slated to debut/return soon, will they show up at Extreme Rules?

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MM Ep 135 – Raw Preview, Injury News & Extreme Rules



Tonights “Go Home” version of Raw needs to be hot and leaving us wanting to see Extreme Rules more than when we started the show. This is the beginning of “SummerSlam” season, and with major returns on the horizon, this could be a Summer to remember.

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