MM Ep 201: How to Light Your FIRE in Fitness

This week on my fitness show I discuss how to not only find your fire but how to use it to propel you to your fitness goals. I share exactly what fueled me and how I’ve kept it going. I tell YOU how to use the negative situations in your life to your advantage. This is a can’t miss episode

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MM Ep 139 – Changing How You Think About “Habits”


In today’s fitness version of the show I explain exactly HOW you can use habits to your advantage in weight loss or fitness goals. We often think about habits as a negative, but the good news is that being creatures of habit, we can consciously make an effort to create new habits that are beneficial for us.

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MM Ep 107: Why Patience is Your Best Friend in Fitness


In our instant gratification technologically-driven society, patience often goes by the wayside. In today’s show, I explain why patience is SO important in your fitness journey, and how to get to where you want to be.

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MM Ep 104: How To Get That Summer Body NOW


Today’s show explains how YOU can get that beach body that you want this summer. There is no better time than right NOW to start your program. I go through step by step how to get started and give 3 killer tips that will ensure your success

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MM Ep 99: How to Keep Fitness FUN & HUGE Contest Details!

fun fitness

Today’s fitness show focuses on 2 elements that will keep your fitness ‘routine’ fun and motivating. Music & Attire.

ALSO.. Tomorrow for the 100th episode of my show I’m giving away a FREE Pair of Sweat Jeans to the first caller at 646-787-8297 who answers my fitness question correctly. Tomorrows show link is here:BOOKMARK NOW!

Check out more information on exactly what Sweat Jeans are HERE:

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MM EP 88: Fitness – How to Succeed Where Others Will Fail


In this weeks fitness motivation, I provide 4 VERY important tips that will keep you on track and pushing towards your fitness goals. Remember, there is no better time than right NOW to start your lifestyle change!

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MM EP 77: Why Hard Work Shouldn’t Scare You


Check out my podcast on a simple technique to success in fitness or building your business. The key? Hard Work. Its unavoidable, but necessary. Find out why you shouldn’t give up or be afraid of it.

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MM Ep 71: Turning a “No” into a “Yes” & Foolproof Fat Burning Plan


So often we get discouraged when people react negatively to the products we are sharing. But we have to remember that a ‘no’ could simply mean ‘not right now’.

In this Podcast I talk about how to turn a “No” into a positive and provide the key to success in you fitness or business plan.

I also give out my TOP SECRET fitness and diet plan that helped me torch body fat and increase lean muscle. Check it out!

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MM Ep 67: Using Basics to Create Success



Ever feel like you’re lost in your fitness routine or business plan? Maybe you need to go back to the basics. In this podcast I talk about the importance of mastering the basics so you can build a foundation for success.

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