MM Ep 193 – Massive Blunder on SD Live, HHH Gives a Top Level Promo & Goldberg Gets Booed?

This week I rant on SD Live’s AWFUL 3 second mistake, if there is any chance Goldberg retains at Wrestlemania, how Seth has finally gotten over as a babyface & men vs women in WWE

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MM Ep 185 – Kurt Angle’s Return, John Cena’s “Goofy” Side, Raw & SD Live Review


Reviewing Raw & SD Live for the week ending 1/20/17. I discuss Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction, Jimmy Snooka’s death, Micky James Return to WWE and a TON more! Oh and yes, I have a few rants in there that I think you’ll enjoy!

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MM Ep 184 – The Most Loaded Royal Rumble in Years


This week I review Raw & SD Live for the week ending 1/13/17 and discuss the possible outcomes of this year’s Royal Rumble and what it could mean for WrestleMania

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MM Ep 178: TLC/Raw/SD Live Review & My Personal Invitation To YOU


I’m back with a full review of the TLC PPV, Raw & SD Live from the week ending 12/9/16. I also go on a rant about the hot-potatoing of the Women’s Title and give YOU a personal invitation

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MM Ep 169 – WWE No Mercy Post-Game Reaction



Listen to my reaction to last nights No Mercy PPV as well as my thoughts on Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg.

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MM Ep 139 – Changing How You Think About “Habits”


In today’s fitness version of the show I explain exactly HOW you can use habits to your advantage in weight loss or fitness goals. We often think about habits as a negative, but the good news is that being creatures of habit, we can consciously make an effort to create new habits that are beneficial for us.

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MM Ep 119: Full WrestleMania 32 Reaction & Preview of Tonights HUGE Raw


After a historic WrestleMania, I give my full analysis of the show and look ahead to a HUGE Raw in Dallas tonight.

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MM Ep 111: Secrets & Dangers Behind Fitness “Supplements”



I debunk a huge myth and misconception about fitness supplements, give you a couple that I use personally and provide you with the hidden dangers of some of the fat burning & protein supplements

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MM Ep 109: How to Skyrocket Your Fitness Success

fitness partner

This week in my fitness podcast, I outline the importance of not just having a fitness partner, but choosing your partner wisely. Having someone there to keep you accountable, motivated and on track can be immensely helpful in your journey to acheiving your fitness goals. However, finding the RIGHT person (or people) for this role is critical to your success.

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MM Ep 102: Tony Maddalone Interview – Talking Fitness


A very special guest has joined the show this week, Tony Maddalone, a former Strength and Conditioning coach from the University of Utah. He is also the CEO and founder of Hand Armor Chalk ( talks to us about fitness, motivation, the importance of a clean diet and hard work.

Definitely give his liquid hand chalk a try. It helps prevent sickness while giving you an unparalleled grip.

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MM Ep 99: How to Keep Fitness FUN & HUGE Contest Details!

fun fitness

Today’s fitness show focuses on 2 elements that will keep your fitness ‘routine’ fun and motivating. Music & Attire.

ALSO.. Tomorrow for the 100th episode of my show I’m giving away a FREE Pair of Sweat Jeans to the first caller at 646-787-8297 who answers my fitness question correctly. Tomorrows show link is here:BOOKMARK NOW!

Check out more information on exactly what Sweat Jeans are HERE:

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MM Ep 95: Royal Rumble & Raw Review – The Rock Returns!

rock returns

Check out my 2016 Royal Rumble Review & Monday Night Raw Thoughts. Will WWE go with the predictable Roman Reigns win at Fast Lane and beat HHH at WrestleMania? How exactly will The Rock fit in to the equation? Will WWE Finally Turn Roman Reigns Heel?

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MM EP 93: Foods & Meal Plans That Torch Fat – Its Easier Than You Think!

Diet Plan

This week in my fitness motivation show, I talk in detail about the foods I eat and meal plan I used to not only lose 50lbs but KEEP it off. Have you been struggling with the idea of a “diet”? Not sure what to eat or how much? You’ll want to tune in to my show for some down to earth advice.

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MM EP 90: Why Slow and Steady Really Does Win the Race

slow & steady

Check out today’s episode of Matts Madness where I talk about why the cliche “slow and steady” really does win the race. Fitness is more of a mental process than most people believe, and I explain why you need to have the physical and mental elements in your body balanced for long term success

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MM EP 88: Fitness – How to Succeed Where Others Will Fail


In this weeks fitness motivation, I provide 4 VERY important tips that will keep you on track and pushing towards your fitness goals. Remember, there is no better time than right NOW to start your lifestyle change!

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MM EP 86: How to Stick with Your New Years Resolutions


I give a quick and dirty 10 minute podcast on how to STICK WITH your New Years Resolutions. Four tips that are KEY to achieving your weight loss goals.

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MM Ep 85 – Raw Review: Vince Arrested, KO Shines, Cena Returns!


While Raw was improved from last week, it was not without its blunders. Strangely coming from the McMahons themselves. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens and the Cena/Del Rio exchange were the highlights of the night. Get ready folks, WrestleMania season is about to kick into high gear starting in just a few short weeks at the Royal Rumble.

Oh yeah, and The Rock is CONFIRMED for WrestleMania 32. Hear my thoughts on what I think he will do.

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MM Ep 82: Raw Review – The Night of Non-Finishes


Check out my Raw Review from this past Monday 11/30/15. It was a night that didn’t give the fans much to cheer for, and hopefully this is the low point for WWE before they get an infusion of talent heading into WrestleMania season

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MM EP 79: Raw Review – HUGE Heel Turn Planned for Survivor Series?

kane taker

With Seth Rollins no longer the WWE Champion due to injury, there is a huge spot open for the top heel spot in the company. I have a solid theory on who I think will make the swerve at Survivor Series. I also talk about some WrestleMania 32 potential matches & possible major returns. Take a listen.

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MM Ep 73: BeachBody Coaching – Getting Started Right


In this weeks episode I describe 3 critical success factors when starting as a BeachBody coach. This is a must listen!

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MM EP 69: Stop Selling & Start Sharing


Having the right mindset is key to succeeding at any business. The most common mistake that we make is going in with trying to “sell” people rather than share products with them that can improve their lives.

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MM Ep 67: Using Basics to Create Success



Ever feel like you’re lost in your fitness routine or business plan? Maybe you need to go back to the basics. In this podcast I talk about the importance of mastering the basics so you can build a foundation for success.

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MM Ep 64: Night of Champions & Raw Review


I give my thoughts and ratings for each match on Night of Champions as well as my full Raw review from 9/21/15. My match of the night goes to Seth Rollins vs John Cena and my top rated segment goes to Paige for a CM Punkish promo.

I also talk a little iPhone 6s, MLB & NFL to start off the show.

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MM Ep 63: Why You Need to Go ALL-IN


Want to see MAJOR change in your health or business? Then take a listen to this podcast. I discuss why you need to have a “Go All-In” mentality.

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MM Ep 61: The Importance of Goal Setting in Your Business


Ever feel like you’re not making progress? You’re just stuck in a rut in your business or fitness program? Check out today’s podcast, I think it will inspire and motivate you to create progress in your life.

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