Lesnar vs Samoa Joe Hype, WWE Destroying the Bayley Character & MITB Preview


Reviewing Raw, SD Live & predictions for this Sunday’s Money in The Bank. I also give a very passionate argument why WWE missed a HUGE opportunity with Bayley this past Monday, what is Roman’s SummerSlam announcement is going to be and Shinsuke’s probability of winning the MITB briefcase.

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MM Ep 143 – Money in The Bank Post-Game Show – LIVE Reaction


Dean Ambrose is your new WWE World heavyweight Champion, Rusev Retains (duh) & AJ gets his win. Check out my thoughts on Money in The Bank

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WrestleMania 31 Review – WWE Delivers Big Time



WrestleMania 31 exceeded the build that was provided. From top to bottom, every match was 3 stars or better. This is my Live Show done on BlogTalkRadio. Tomorrow I will be reviewing Monday Night Raw and going over WrestleMania a little further, giving grades to each match. 


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MM Ep 30 – *BREAKING* Brock Officially Re-Signs with WWE, Full Raw Recap & WrestleMania 31 Predictions

brock resignsOn the final Monday Night Raw before WrestleMania 31, we had a childish tug of war between the Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar that is head-scratching. HHH and Sting continue to build to their match nicely. How will Undertaker perform this Sunday? Will there be any big surprises at WrestleMania? Brock Lesnar has Official resigned with WWE. What does that mean for Sunday?


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MM Ep 28 – Paul Heyman is the MVP of Raw.. BELIEVE THAT!

Brock-Lesnar-Paul-Heyman-665x385With only 2 weeks until WrestleMania, Monday Night Raw took some odd twists and turns. Why isn’t WWE maximizing their time with Brock? Will Seth cash in at WrestleMania? Why isn’t the streak ending at last years WrestleMania being mentioned as much as it should?Also, Daniel Bryan is back to being the “B+” player.


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MM Ep 27 – Raw Delivers Despite No Brock or Undertaker

jon stewart


No Brock Lesnar or Undertaker could have resulted in a below average Raw, but the Paul Heyman Promo, Seth Rollins and believe it or not Jon Stewart actually made it an enjoyable show overall. With WrestleMania only 3 1/2 weeks away, will the Undertaker appear before the show of shows? Will Orton finally turn on The Authority?


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