MM Ep 198 – Raw & SD Live Reviews, Payback Predictions & Why I’m Rooting AGAINST Bayley

Raw slips back to medioctrity while SD Live really attempts to shake things up. Week 2 of Jinder Mahal’s push and I’m still in favor of it, and I’ll explain why

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MM Ep 126 – Raw Reaction & Official Payback Predictions


Payback is this Sunday and WWE is looking much different than it did just 1 month ago heading into WrestleMania. There are several huge stars on the verge of returning and even some possible NXT debuts in the minds of fans.
Do we see Anderson and Gallows turn on AJ?

Who will be named to control Raw?

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WWE Payback Pre-Show



Can Seth overcome the odds to escape with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Or will the Lunatic Fringe use his Dirty Deeds to de-throne the self proclaimed “future of WWE”?

Is John Cena going to say I Quit? Will Lana play a role in the outcome?

Can Ryback Shell Shock the New Face of Fear?

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