MM Ep 198 – Raw & SD Live Reviews, Payback Predictions & Why I’m Rooting AGAINST Bayley

Raw slips back to medioctrity while SD Live really attempts to shake things up. Week 2 of Jinder Mahal’s push and I’m still in favor of it, and I’ll explain why

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MM Ep 130 – Raw Review, Ryback’s Status & Extreme Rules Preview

AJ Raw

With Extreme Rules just over 2 weeks away, one has to wonder what does WWE have in store? Will we see Finn Baylor finally debut? Will Gallows & Anderson turn on AJ?

What about the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins? Check out my Raw thoughts and comments on the Ryback/WWE issues.

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MM Ep 129 – Talking With IWF’s “All Star Michele Dee”


Check out my awesome conversation with IWF’s own “All Star Michele Dee”. We discuss how she got into the business, fitness, her favorite WrestleMania moments, Chyna’s passing and tons more! Follow her @Michele3D

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MM Ep 128 – WWE Payback Post-Show Thoughts


With no huge twists and turns, this PPV was saved by the in ring product and the Chicago Crowd.

Owens vs Zayn in my opinion was the match of the night, and clearly appears to be bleeding over to Extreme Rules.

The ending of Charlotte and Natalya not only hurt the match, but the organization as a whole.

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MM Ep 126 – Raw Reaction & Official Payback Predictions


Payback is this Sunday and WWE is looking much different than it did just 1 month ago heading into WrestleMania. There are several huge stars on the verge of returning and even some possible NXT debuts in the minds of fans.
Do we see Anderson and Gallows turn on AJ?

Who will be named to control Raw?

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MM EP 38 – WWE Payback & Raw Review

payback shield


After a solid PPV that saw the WWE World Heavyweight Champion retain his belt, some questions were answered, while others were created.

Kane has made his allegience clear to The Authority, Lana and Rusev are all but officially broken, and is The Pedigree Rollins new finish move?

Plus, I take a look at the Monday Night Raw fallout

With the Elimination Chamber only 2 weeks away, WWE needs to move fast to make matches.

Whats next for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and was last night a clue that The Shield may be returning in the near future?

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WWE Payback Pre-Show



Can Seth overcome the odds to escape with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Or will the Lunatic Fringe use his Dirty Deeds to de-throne the self proclaimed “future of WWE”?

Is John Cena going to say I Quit? Will Lana play a role in the outcome?

Can Ryback Shell Shock the New Face of Fear?

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MM Ep 37 – Raw Recap & Payback Predictions – Is Daniel Bryans Career Over?



With the final Raw before Payback behind us, did it do the job in making us want to see the PPV? Can Seth retain? Will Cena say “I Quit”? and is Daniel Bryan’s career over? We answer all of these questions and much more.

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Current State of WWE – What is Steve Austin’s Major Annoucement?



The latest news and storylines as we head towards Payback next Sunday. When will Brock Return?

What is Austin’s ‘Major Announcement’? How long can Rollins hold on to the title? Is Roman Reigns back on course for a huge babyface run?

Plus, my feedback on the Stephanie McMahon interview with Chris Jericho.

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MM Ep 36 – NXT Stars Give Raw a Fresh Feel

sami zayne


With only 1 week until Payback, WWE needed to deliver in a big way. Reigns had a somewhat awkward promo with Orton, Sami Zayne and Neville were the stars of the show and do we miss HHH and Steph?

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Payback Preview, Rousey’s Wrestlemania 32 Match & Brocks Return


Today I discuss WWE’s Payback, Ronda Rousey’s possible match at WrestleMania 32, when Brock Lesnar is going to return, and if Roman Reigns is in a better position now than Pre-Wrestlemania 31.

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