MM Ep 193 – Massive Blunder on SD Live, HHH Gives a Top Level Promo & Goldberg Gets Booed?

This week I rant on SD Live’s AWFUL 3 second mistake, if there is any chance Goldberg retains at Wrestlemania, how Seth has finally gotten over as a babyface & men vs women in WWE

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MM Ep 187- Seth Rollins Major Injury, Royal Rumble Fallout


In what has been a very newsworthy week in WWE, I discuss the implications of the Seth Rollins injury, Royal Rumble fallout and what WrestleMania may now look like

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MM Ep 180 – WWE Week in Review – Raw, SD Live & Roadblock


Reviewing WWE Roadblock, Raw & SD Live for the week ending 12/23/16. I also address why WWE has taught us why we shouldn’t be supporting Ezno, Ziggler or Ellsworth.

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MM Ep 161 – Its Time to Play the Game….Again

KO champ

HHH surprised even the “smartest” of fans this week by returning to not only cost Roman Reigns the WWE Universal Title, but also Seth Rollins.. and crown his next hand selected “Man”, Kevin Owens.

In Today’s Show I discuss Owen’s win, SD Live’s fallout with AJ Styles & Dean Ambrose and even discuss Heath Slater’s latest run.

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WWE’s Week in Review for August 26th 2016 (Video)

Check out my thoughts in what was a crazy week in WWE in under 10 minutes!

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MM Ep 160 – Finn Balor Injury, Brock vs Shane? Raw & SD Live Thoughts

AJ Styles

Huge show today talking about Raw, Smackdown Live, Balors Injury, who will be the next Universal Champion and so much more.

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MM Ep 136: WWE Raw Review & Extreme Rules Predictions – Major Return?


While many matches on Sunday’s PPV look predictable, I would be careful making the obvious choice. WWE likes to shake it up every once in a while.

Also, with Seth Rollins, Finn Balor & Bray Wyatt all slated to debut/return soon, will they show up at Extreme Rules?

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MM Ep 62: Raw Reaction & Night of Champions Predictions


A much improved Raw this past Monday that was highlighted by a great Divas match between Charlotte and Nikki Bella and the New Day. Check out my thoughts and official Night of Champion predictions for this Sunday!

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MM Ep 40 – Elimination Chamber Reaction


Elimination Chamber can be summed up in 3 words.Fight.Owens.Fight.

One of the best debut matches i’ve ever seen.Owens and Cena stole the show while the IC Title Match was nothing short of disappointing.

With Money In The Bank only 2 weeks away, WWE has little time to spare.

How will Cena respond? Whats next for Rollins and his WWE Title run?

Later in the week i’ll give my Raw & Stone Cold Podcast thoughts.

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MM Ep 34 – Raw is Spelled R.K.O. & Extreme Rules Predictions



Raw did a solid job selling us the Extreme Rules PPV this Sunday.

It was RKO Mania on Raw, Reigns did his “status quo”, another cryptic Wyatt promo, and is Daniel Bryan going to be able to compete Sunday?

As a reminder I’ll be doing a Live Extreme Rules Pre-Show Sunday at 7pm ET on BlogTalkRadio. Check my twitter for the link and call in number.

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MM Ep 29 – Sting Saves Raw as WrestleMania Approaches


Overall, Monday Night Raw got me more excited for WrestleMania in 12 days. Sting’s appearance and Jamie Noble were some great highlights. Will Brock stay or go? Was the streak worth breaking?

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MM Ep 28 – Paul Heyman is the MVP of Raw.. BELIEVE THAT!

Brock-Lesnar-Paul-Heyman-665x385With only 2 weeks until WrestleMania, Monday Night Raw took some odd twists and turns. Why isn’t WWE maximizing their time with Brock? Will Seth cash in at WrestleMania? Why isn’t the streak ending at last years WrestleMania being mentioned as much as it should?Also, Daniel Bryan is back to being the “B+” player.

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MM Ep 25 – Official Fast Lane Predictions – Big Return Planned?


As we approach WWE’s final PPV before WrestleMania, there are a lot of question-marks. Is Roman Reigns Ready for the top spot? When will the Undertaker Return? Can Cena beat Rusev? Forgot to mention in my podcast, but Sting and HHH likely to get physical, with HHH getting the upper-hand.

Check out my LIVE WWE Fast Lane Show on Blog Talk Radio, Sunday at 3pm ET.

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MM Ep 24 – Raw Takes a Step Sideways as Fast Lane Approaches

reigns spear

Monday Night Raw (aired 2/9/15) failed to provide a clear picture of where WWE is heading for WrestleMania. Is Reigns now a heel? Has this year lost the magical feel for Daniel Bryan? Where is Randy Orton?


MM Ep 20 – Best Raw in Months – Has Lesnar Officially Turned?

Sting Raw

After one of the best Monday Night Raw’s in months, there is a lot of interest heading into this Sunday’s Royal Rumble. Who will win the Rumble? Will Lesnar retain the championship? Is Brock officially a babyface? Is a Cena Heel turn in the works? 

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MM Ep 9 – Mr. McMahon’s Return, A-Rod & My Fitness Tip of the Week

This week I recap my thoughts on Monday Night Raw, including Mr. McMahon’s return & Orton’s babyface turn. A-Rod is back in the news this week & the single most important change I made to my fitness routine.