Lesnar vs Samoa Joe Hype, WWE Destroying the Bayley Character & MITB Preview


Reviewing Raw, SD Live & predictions for this Sunday’s Money in The Bank. I also give a very passionate argument why WWE missed a HUGE opportunity with Bayley this past Monday, what is Roman’s SummerSlam announcement is going to be and Shinsuke’s probability of winning the MITB briefcase.

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MM Ep 202 : RAW & SD Live Reviews & Why I’m Looking Forward to Brock Lesnar’s Return More Than Ever

Looking back at Raw & SD Live. Is Charlotte really a babyface? Why I like Jinder’s main event push, and why I’m looking forward to Brock Lesnar’s return more than ever before

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MM Ep 157 – WWE’s Week in Review – Smackdown 2, Raw 1


eva marie

Post-Brand Extension, Smackdown has proven (so far) to be a more engaging wrestling show than that of its brother, Raw. This week I give my take on both shows as we are only ONE week away from SummerSlam in Brooklyn.

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MM Ep 120 – Raw After Mania Review-Roman’s “Kind Of” Heel Turn, AJ Styles & More!


The Raw after WrestleMania is traditionally the most vocal crowd of the year, and this year was no exception.

I discuss the fallout of WrestleMania 32, and take calls on AJ Styles, Romans kind of “heel” turn, is Shane gone?

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MM Ep 110: Raw, Cena News, Y2Js Heel Turn & Shane/Taker

Dean Raw

In what was a very solid Raw from a wrestling standpoint, WWE seems to be protecting one half of their main event of WrestleMania, Roman Reigns. Their pre-selected “chosen one” is being kept off TV and barely being mentioned on-air. Its going to be a rough day at the office if WWE continues down the stubborn road of Reigns as a fan favorite. 

Really also loving the Y2J heel turn, and discuss why although this is their 4th match in the series, that this will be AJ & Y2J’s best at WrestleMania, even though it has yet to be officially announced following the best tag team match I’ve seen in recent memory against New Day.

I also discuss the massive implications of the Shane/Taker match at WrestleMania and how there may be more than meets the eye.

Cena is also officially out for WrestleMania 32 in terms of competing in a match, but that does leave the door open for some kind of appearance…and a major one at that.

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MM EP 38 – WWE Payback & Raw Review

payback shield


After a solid PPV that saw the WWE World Heavyweight Champion retain his belt, some questions were answered, while others were created.

Kane has made his allegience clear to The Authority, Lana and Rusev are all but officially broken, and is The Pedigree Rollins new finish move?

Plus, I take a look at the Monday Night Raw fallout

With the Elimination Chamber only 2 weeks away, WWE needs to move fast to make matches.

Whats next for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and was last night a clue that The Shield may be returning in the near future?

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MM Ep 24 – Raw Takes a Step Sideways as Fast Lane Approaches

reigns spear

Monday Night Raw (aired 2/9/15) failed to provide a clear picture of where WWE is heading for WrestleMania. Is Reigns now a heel? Has this year lost the magical feel for Daniel Bryan? Where is Randy Orton?


MM Ep 18 – 1/5/15 Raw Review – Is Roman Reigns WWE’s Next “It” Guy?

This week I review Monday Night Raw from 1/5/15 and go over potential Royal Rumble Scenarios. There hasn’t been a PPV in recent memory with so many possibilities, which any wrestling fan should appreciate. I also address why Roman Reigns has yet to connect with the Audience and why the Ambrose vs Wyatt feud didn’t help either man.


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MM Ep 17 – WWE Raw Review (aired 12/29/14) – The Authority Returns

This week I give my thoughts on WWE Raw which was a complete 180 from last weeks stinker. I also explain why I feel Seth Rollins is WWE’s 2014 MVP & how he is arguably the top heel in WWE as we head into 2015.

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MM Ep 16 – WWE Raw Review (aired 12/22/14) & Why Cena Gets Booed

This week, I rant on WWE’s Monday Night Raw (aired 12/22/14) which went nowhere and was a repeat of TLC.

While there were some highlights the majority was disappointing and frustrating. I also explain exactly why John Cena gets booed, let me know if you agree with my reasoning.


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