Lesnar vs Samoa Joe Hype, WWE Destroying the Bayley Character & MITB Preview


Reviewing Raw, SD Live & predictions for this Sunday’s Money in The Bank. I also give a very passionate argument why WWE missed a HUGE opportunity with Bayley this past Monday, what is Roman’s SummerSlam announcement is going to be and Shinsuke’s probability of winning the MITB briefcase.

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MM Ep 194 – Miz & Maryse Steal the Show, Does it Really Feel like WrestleMania Season?

Miz & Maryse provided MUST-SEE TV this week on Smackdown Live, but what does that say about the rest of the WrestleMania card? Check out all of my thoughts as WrestleMania is just ONE week away.

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MM Ep 189 – Somoa Joe’s Outstanding Promo, Bayley’s Title Win & Elimination Chamber Thoughts


JAM-PACKED show this week with my thoughts on Bayley’s Title Win, Naomi, Elimination Chamber & WrestleMania 33 outlook.

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MM Ep 188 – Elimination Chamber Preview, Samoa Joe & Rollins Injury Update


Reviewing Raw & SD Live for the week ending 2/10/17, and looking ahead to Sundays Elimination Chamber Preview with my official predictions. I also cover Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins injury update & how the WWE Women are making history (again)

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MM Ep 160 – Finn Balor Injury, Brock vs Shane? Raw & SD Live Thoughts

AJ Styles

Huge show today talking about Raw, Smackdown Live, Balors Injury, who will be the next Universal Champion and so much more.

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MM Ep 153 – WWE Draft & BattleGround Predictions w/ Benny Mack!



This week I am joined by my co-host Benny Mack as we discuss Smackdown Live, The Draft and give our Official BattleGround Predictions! Don’t forget, I will be doing a LIVE post-game show immediately following the PPV this Sunday on BlogTalkRadio. Search for “Matts Madness”

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