MM Ep 193 – Massive Blunder on SD Live, HHH Gives a Top Level Promo & Goldberg Gets Booed?

This week I rant on SD Live’s AWFUL 3 second mistake, if there is any chance Goldberg retains at Wrestlemania, how Seth has finally gotten over as a babyface & men vs women in WWE

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MM Ep 124 – WWE Raw Review – The Landscape of WWE is Changing Before Our Eyes


bullet club

While Raw may not have been the most exciting to date, it did show us that WWE is making an effort to freshen up Raw with new faces and feuds.

Most noteworthy is the beatdown of Reigns at the hands of Gallows and Anderson. Is this a sign that the “bullet club” is getting back together, or is this all a setup to have them turn on AJ and cost him the championship at Payback?

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MM Ep 119: Full WrestleMania 32 Reaction & Preview of Tonights HUGE Raw


After a historic WrestleMania, I give my full analysis of the show and look ahead to a HUGE Raw in Dallas tonight.

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MM Ep 115: Raw Thoughts, Why You Should Still be Excited About WrestleMania 32 & Fitness Tips

Raw Stroman

With WrestleMania a week away, WWE has their work cut out for them. Ratings are slipping, Roman Reigns continues to get booed, Shane vs Undertaker has more holes than Dean Malenko’s move set…but I explain why you should still be excited about this year’s version of WrestleMania.

WrestleMania may be the weakest in recent memory on paper, but WWE has yet to show their entire hand yet, and thats a good thing.

I also give tips on how to break out of your fitness “plateau”

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MM Ep 114: Interview With Former WWE Smackdown GM Teddy Long

Teddy Long Pic

Check out my interview with former WWE Referee and Smackdown GM, Teddy Long. We cover his current endeavors, favorite memories as the Smackdown GM and the current product as we head into WrestleMania. Teddy also gives a compelling reason to keep Roman Reigns as a babyface for the time being. This is a must listen!

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MM Ep 112: Raw Thoughts, Reigns Booed (again), Shane Stumbles & WrestleMania 32


Overall I felt Raw from Pittsburgh (aired 3/14/16) was very solid. This had to be WWE’s last gasp at an attempt to make Roman Reigns the babyface champion at WrestleMania. HHH ran down the audience for 15 minutes, and Roman still gets booed after delivering a hellacious beatdown of The Game.

Dean vs Brock continues to be intriguing from the perspective of who interferes in this match?

Shane stumbled on his words Monday night, and in my opinion lost some momentum heading into WrestleMania.

Listen to my Raw Review and some great callers!

*REMINDER* this Friday I will be interviewing Teddy Long – Former WWE Referee and Smackdown manager. This will be available on demand on iTunes Friday evening.

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MM Ep 110: Raw, Cena News, Y2Js Heel Turn & Shane/Taker

Dean Raw

In what was a very solid Raw from a wrestling standpoint, WWE seems to be protecting one half of their main event of WrestleMania, Roman Reigns. Their pre-selected “chosen one” is being kept off TV and barely being mentioned on-air. Its going to be a rough day at the office if WWE continues down the stubborn road of Reigns as a fan favorite. 

Really also loving the Y2J heel turn, and discuss why although this is their 4th match in the series, that this will be AJ & Y2J’s best at WrestleMania, even though it has yet to be officially announced following the best tag team match I’ve seen in recent memory against New Day.

I also discuss the massive implications of the Shane/Taker match at WrestleMania and how there may be more than meets the eye.

Cena is also officially out for WrestleMania 32 in terms of competing in a match, but that does leave the door open for some kind of appearance…and a major one at that.

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MM Ep 108: WWE Raw Recap – Taker Gives Little Explaination

Taker Vince

With WrestleMania only 1 month away, WWE is in panic mode to make this year feel like WrestleMania. Sure, we have Ambrose vs Lesnar and Taker vs Shane McMahon, but does any of it feel like its WrestleMania worthy? This week I go over the huge storyline holes, and if WWE can pull off a miracle in Dallas.

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MM Ep 106: WWE Fast Lane & Raw Review – Shane O’ Mac Returns!



After an underwhelming WWE Fast Lane PPV, WWE certainly went for the shock factor bringing Shane McMahon back into the fold in WWE. Will Shane actually end up facing Undertaker at WrestleMania? Does WWE finally abandon ship on the Roman Reigns babyface idea?
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