MM Ep 192 – WWE’s WTF Booking at Fast Lane – Raw & SD Live Reviews

Reviewing WWE Fast Lane 2017 and WWE’s insanity with their booking, thoughts on Undertaker vs Roman Reigns, KO vs Jericho & so much more!

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MM Ep 166 – Official WWE Clash of Champions Review



My review on the Raw Exclusive PPV “Clash of Champions”.

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MM Ep 164 – WWE’s Week in Review – Cena’s Return & AJ Has Style



Looking back at Raw & Smackdown Live from 9/12/16 & 9/13/16. Cena returns, why AJ may really now be the “face that runs the place”, and did we see a Dean Ambrose heel turn?

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WWE’s Week in Review for August 26th 2016 (Video)

Check out my thoughts in what was a crazy week in WWE in under 10 minutes!

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MM Ep 142 – Raw Recap, Money in The Bank Predictions & Why Owens is WWE’s MVP


Hear my thoughts on WWE’s go-home Raw show for Money in the Bank. I give my reasons why I feel Kevin Owens is WWE’s MVP week after week.

I also provide my official Money in The Bank predictions including a very bold prediction for the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match between Seth & Roman.

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The McBryde Guide To Choosing A Wrestling Mat

McBryde Mats

The most critical piece of equipment for any wrestler, martial artist, tumbler or cheer is not what you may think. Athletes take a lot of risk in their quest to break boundaries in the sport and those risks come in the form of injury. The matting that lies beneath your feet and that we all take for granted every time we double flip off a cheese wedge, takedown an opponent or accidentally fall the wrong way is the final barrier of protection that no one ever seems to think about. In this article we are going to look at mats and sort you through the information that you need to know to equip your team, your gym, your home or your garage into a safe, secure and productive environment that allows you to push the limits of your talent, rather than worry if you’re going to be hung up with an injury from dropping a knee or the like.

McBryde Mats 2

The first component of looking at your mats is finding out what your needs will be. In specific terms, were talking about the size of the surface area that you need to cover with the mat. Mats are sold either in pre-cut format in different sizes, or you can custom order the shape and cuts to fit your exact location.

Pre-cut mats are a great idea for a quick solution and a cost effective one as well. You can find them in a variety of different sizes to cover any area and they are usually able to join together with a little tape along the sides to keep them in place.


Wrestling Casey

Source :

If you have the budget, then you should consider finding a top quality manufacturer that can offer you a custom build to your exact specifications. Whether it’s for the home to fit an awkward shape, or in a gym that’s going to host 100 athletes at a time, the manufacturer should be able to cover your needs and your floor space. Some manufactures offer the service of custom painting your mats to your gym or teams’ logo in a method that won’t be worn off by the athletes use. These kind of custom installations can be very expensive, sometimes North of $15 000 but if you do own a gym, it’s a wise business investment. Sometime the manufacturers may even be able to work out a long term agreement with you to supply you for the future. This is great because you have them on calf o any replacements or repairs and general advice.



Some other factors to consider when looking at which mat is right for your sport is the thickness of the mat. For example, crash mats, martial arts mats, mma mats, wrestling mats, each have different physical demands that the sports place on the athletes and each require a different thickness and type of padding. For example, practising wrestling takedowns or cheer set ups on crash mats that are thick and absorbent enough to withstand a heavy landing. OR practising taekwondo kicks on a firmer mat that provides quicker grip. The key is to select the right mats that are specific to your sport, most manufacturers will be able to walk you through their selection and tell you which products from their range will suit you and your team the best.


McBrdye Mats 3Another crucial element to consider is the surface of the mat, the place where the rubber meets the road so to speak, or the point of contact between the practitioner and the ground. You are looking for a surface that is as friction free as possible while still maintaining grip when you need it. The surface should not cause burning or scraping from abrasive movements such as sweeping or chuting in wrestling and it should be reasonably resistant to scratching, tearing, cracking and weathering over time. Non-abrasive vinyl and canvas are popular materials used but technology is developing every year.


The core should be made from a resilient foam, in some cases with foam memory technology, different foams vary in lightness and density. PVC nitrile foam is a popular choice and is fairly heavy being able to provide good shock absorption and resilience.


This should give you a clearer idea of what to expect when looking at making a purchase into the right mats for your sport, your environment and help you find a manufacturer that is quality focused, they are out there, but make sure you get a few quotes before just diving in. See what different manufacturers contract lengths and costs are and work out something that protects your athletes and your budget.

Take a look online and read a few reviews, or call up the owners of some gyms in your area and find out what they are using and if it’s any good. Word of mouth is always the best strategy. McBryde Mats are an All-American supplier of the highest quality mats in the industry; if you’re looking for a great deal on your mats then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help you out.

MM EP 140 – RAW Review, AJ & Cena Save the Show, Reigns Rant

the club

In what was an otherwise forgettable Raw, AJ Styles shockingly turns heel, and saves Raw from being a total flop. Also, listen to my Roman Reigns rant sparked by Ric Flair’s comments that we “cant boo Roman anymore”

I also added a new “WWE News Flash” segment that is a must listen.

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MM Ep 137 – WWE Extreme Rules Post-Game Show

Seth Rollins

Taking calls and giving my thoughts on what was a very noteworthy PPV. I cover Seth Rollin’s return, the thumbtacks & a 5 Star Intercontinental Title match.

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MM Ep 132 – Raw Thoughts – Are We in the New “Golden” Age of Wrestling?

golden age

This week I review Raw from this past Monday (5/9/16) as we inch closer to Extreme Rules next Sunday.

I also give my thoughts on where WWE is headed and why I’m excited as we move forward.

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MM Ep 126 – Raw Reaction & Official Payback Predictions


Payback is this Sunday and WWE is looking much different than it did just 1 month ago heading into WrestleMania. There are several huge stars on the verge of returning and even some possible NXT debuts in the minds of fans.
Do we see Anderson and Gallows turn on AJ?

Who will be named to control Raw?

Join me on BlogTalkRadio for a LIVE Post-Show Sunday at 11pm ET.

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MM Ep 120 – Raw After Mania Review-Roman’s “Kind Of” Heel Turn, AJ Styles & More!


The Raw after WrestleMania is traditionally the most vocal crowd of the year, and this year was no exception.

I discuss the fallout of WrestleMania 32, and take calls on AJ Styles, Romans kind of “heel” turn, is Shane gone?

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MM Ep 103: Raw Review & Official 2016 Fast Lane Predictions

Fast Lane 2016

My thoughts on this past Monday’s Raw, the puzzling main event, as well as my Official 2016 Fast Lane Predictions! Could we see a major return this Sunday?

I’ll hosting a LIVE PRE-SHOW this Sunday at 6pm ET! Taking your calls & Thoughts!

BlogTalkRadio Fast Lane Pre-Show

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MM EP 76: Raw Review – A Solid Raw Despite Lack of Stars


With no Cena, Orton, Taker or Lesnar, WWE went back to their roots of providing us with a WRESTLING show, and it paid off.

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MM Ep 72: Raw Review & Hell in A Cell Predictions

austin raw

While it was a breath of fresh air to see the Legends on Raw, WWE didn’t maximize the time they had. Kane who is involved in the World Title Match on Sunday inexplicably not on the show. Check out my Raw thoughts, Hell in a Cell predictions and thoughts on the Stone Cold Podcast with Brock Lesnar!

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MM Ep 64: Night of Champions & Raw Review


I give my thoughts and ratings for each match on Night of Champions as well as my full Raw review from 9/21/15. My match of the night goes to Seth Rollins vs John Cena and my top rated segment goes to Paige for a CM Punkish promo.

I also talk a little iPhone 6s, MLB & NFL to start off the show.

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MM Ep 40 – Elimination Chamber Reaction


Elimination Chamber can be summed up in 3 words.Fight.Owens.Fight.

One of the best debut matches i’ve ever seen.Owens and Cena stole the show while the IC Title Match was nothing short of disappointing.

With Money In The Bank only 2 weeks away, WWE has little time to spare.

How will Cena respond? Whats next for Rollins and his WWE Title run?

Later in the week i’ll give my Raw & Stone Cold Podcast thoughts.

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The One Element to Revive Pro-Wrestling


There is one word that can revive professional wrestling – believability. We all want a story, someone or something to believe in. Think back to the golden age of wrestling, when the line between real and staged was blurred. WWE can revive itself, simply by re-educating their audience. Check out my latest show where I explain why believability is important & how WWE can re-establish this in their product.

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LIVE Show 2PM Tomorrow – Where WWE Went Wrong With Roman Reigns


Ever since the Royal Rumble, there hasn’t been a more discussed superstar (ok, other than Brock Lesnar).

Fans have seemingly turned on him while WWE has continued to protect his character. So where exactly did WWE go wrong? Is WWE only to blame? What about Roman Reigns himself? Is there any hope that WWE can turn this around? Where does Reigns go from here?

Call in with your thoughts! 646-787-8297

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Why TV-14 Won’t Cure Wrestling’s Decline

Ever Since WWE went “TV-PG” in 2008, fans of the “Attitude” era have been complaining that WWE has gone soft, has become a kid’s show and has lost its ‘believability’. While this was my initial reaction as well, my perception has changed after being in the “PG Era” for about 6 years now.

Clearly, WWE is standing firm on not wavering from TV-PG, and I don’t foresee, nor recommend a change at this point. However, before we get into the details of why this change was a beneficial one for WWE, let’s identify the differences between TV-PG and TV-14 from a wrestling TV presentation style

TV-14 included the use of not just profanity and sexuality in their storylines, but the use of blood was also a common place in high profile matches. The content in general was geared to a more mature audience of the teen demographic and worked very well during the mid to late 90’s.

TV-PG utilizes some light profanity, limited to no sexually driven storylines and blood being banned from all matches.

While I do feel that going the PG route is a much better business decision for WWE, let’s take a look at why sticking with TV-14 would have stunted the growth of WWE, had they steered the course. Firstly, when the Attitude Era began, it was unique, fresh and edgy. It stood out from other programming on TV which drew an interest from a potentially large audience. Fast forward to today where there are seemingly unlimited choices for viewers when it comes to reality TV, viewers’ attention spans are very short and that most viewers have been desensitized and you have a niche audience that would more than likely not be as interested in your product as they once were.

Additionally, if WWE had maintained a TV-14 presentation, how much further could they have pushed the content of their programming? Eventually, the programming would have warranted a TV-M rating, limiting their audience and sponsors even further.

By retreating back to TV-PG, WWE has actually taken several steps forward. While the storylines and in-ring action may not be as edgy, there is still a wide range of avenues that talents (wrestlers) can take to produce a compelling in-ring story without the use of blood. Although, admittedly, blood does add great drama to a match, if it is done at the right time, not simply for shock value.

Talent, not TV ratings will always determine the success of a wrestling company. TV-PG also means a wider audience and more sponsors, leading to obviously more revenue. The real culprit in the downfall of pro-wrestling is the lack of main event talent on the roster. WWE can no longer be the New York Yankees of wrestling and sign a big free agent from another wrestling promotion. WWE is essentially the only game in town, and they have acknowledged that the only way to develop main-event level talent is to develop internally. This has been evident with the NXT brand. Unfortunately, developing main event talent isn’t exactly an exact formula. A lot of dedication on the part of the talent, creative on the part of WWE and a lot of luck are involved.

The creative piece of developing new talent is just as important to the long term success. Having at least a 6-month plan for a talent being called up to the main roster is a key success factor. A new talent can’t just be thrown into the main roster with no definitive plan or direction.

In addition, the fact that the curtain has been pulled back so much on the wrestling industry doesn’t do it any favors either. Meaning that the audience has been educated to such an extent that pro-wrestling is a work (produced) that it has hurt the ability for one to ‘suspend their disbelief’ while watching the program. In other words, the work style, physicality and promos of the ‘Attitude Era’ were by and large very believable, and therefore added an element of reality to the show.

Now admittedly, there are times when the PG rating shows through a bit too much and I feel like I’m watching a children’s show. However, if talents and management begin to work on ‘suspending the audiences’ belief’ a bit more, the more emotionally invested they will become. How can this be done? I’m glad you asked.

· Allow the talents to fill in the majority of the promos. While management and creative decide the direction that they want to pursue from a storyline perspective, it should be up to the talents to create the dialogue for the journey. They should be given bullet points of things to address, but be allowed to speak from their own minds and characters. This adds a genuine feeling for a promo and maintains the attention of the audience much better than ‘memorized’ dialogue.

· Up the physicality of the matches. I’m not suggesting here that talents should risk their health by doing a ton of high flying moves or actually try to hurt their opponent. I’m suggesting that the talents work a little stiffer so that the paying audience cannot see through their work. Make the audience FEEL what you are doing and for a moment question whether or not you actually are trying to hurt your opponent. Realism sells tickets, just ask the UFC. Now the WWE is not the UFC, but what attracts people to MMA is the realism, competition and physicality. This can be paralleled with WWE’s success by working stiffer matches. Making the audience feel an emotion, whether its happiness, sadness or pain is the key to organically connecting with them. Any successful organization must be able to connect with their audience, and wrestling is no different.

So, the next time we decide to blame the downfall of pro-wrestling (or as it’s now called sports entertainment) on the TV rating, remember that many of these perceived ‘faults’ can be resolved by creating believability in the characters, their promos and their matches. If they can make us feel a genuine emotion, then they have done their job.

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Why the Yankees.. are no longer the “Yankees”

The word “Yankees” used to symbolize dominance, power and place fear in an opponent. People would refer to them as a dynasty, unbeatable and untouchable. The year is now 2014. Five years removed from a championship, which in New York terms is equated to a unit of measure known as a “lifetime”.

As of this writing the Yankees have a record of 40 wins and 41 losses. Yes, half way through the season and the once feared Yankees are below .500. With 60% of their original rotation on the DL and their offense struggling to produce, particularly in big situations, we can see why their record is what it is.

If this year didn’t read “2014”, this team would likely be in the neighborhood of 10 games behind. However in a year where no teams in baseball are running off and hiding in their division and any team can beat any other team on any given day, the Yankees sit within striking distance at 4 1/2 games back in the AL East.

Outside of the tangible issues of losing CC Sabathia, Pineda and Nova to injury, Cano to the Mariners, Texiera on and off the DL and A-Rod being suspended for the year, the Yankees are missing intangibles.

Fire, grit and edginess. When Mike Napoli called Tanaka an idiot for throwing him a fastball that ended up in the Yankees bullpen and ultimately cost them the game, the Yankees never fired back. What ever happened to the days of the heated Yanks-Sox rivalry? The drama, excitement and must-see TV? Being “politically correct” and not ruffling any feathers is hurting baseball. Always complimenting your opponent and not defending your own players is not doing baseball any favors. I’m not advocating trash talking, but adding some visible human emotion into the game would not only make the games more entertaining to watch, but it would bring more eyeballs the sport in which many criticize for being “slow” and tough to watch.

Bring back that fire, human emotion and sense of urgency for viewers. I’m not suggesting making this a WWE show, we just need a reason to watch in a season where the Yankees… Are not the “Yankees”.

MM-Ep 16- Rangers Advance, WWDC 14 & Payback Predictions

The Rangers have an amazing performance to move to the Stanley Cup Finals, WWDC is coming this Tuesday June 2 & WWE Payback predictions.