MM Ep 203 – Full WWE Backlash Review – Jinder Mahal is WWE Champion..I’m not Kidding

My FULL WWE Backlash review including my thoughts on WWE putting the Championship on Jinder Mahal, what match stole the show and how long Jinder will hold the championship

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MM Ep 202 : RAW & SD Live Reviews & Why I’m Looking Forward to Brock Lesnar’s Return More Than Ever

Looking back at Raw & SD Live. Is Charlotte really a babyface? Why I like Jinder’s main event push, and why I’m looking forward to Brock Lesnar’s return more than ever before

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MM Ep 201: How to Light Your FIRE in Fitness

This week on my fitness show I discuss how to not only find your fire but how to use it to propel you to your fitness goals. I share exactly what fueled me and how I’ve kept it going. I tell YOU how to use the negative situations in your life to your advantage. This is a can’t miss episode

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MM Ep 199 – Fitness Talk is BACK! Info on my “Shakeology Shakeup” that Starts Soon

Guys! I’m back with the most real podcast I’ve ever done, exposing my past struggles with fitness & weight loss (and yes even a relationship story or two). If you’ve finally had enough with how you look and feel and want to change reach out to me or on Twitter @The_WWE_Podcast. I also give you some details on exactly what the “Shakeology Shakeup” is.


MM Ep 198 – Raw & SD Live Reviews, Payback Predictions & Why I’m Rooting AGAINST Bayley

Raw slips back to medioctrity while SD Live really attempts to shake things up. Week 2 of Jinder Mahal’s push and I’m still in favor of it, and I’ll explain why

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MM Ep 196 – “Superstar Shakeup” Review & Should WWE Fire JBL?

Reviewing Raw & SDLive for the week ending 4/14/17. I also give a very candid no-filter opinion on the bullying culture that lives within WWE, JBL’s participation & how to eliminate the problem.

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MM Ep 194 – Miz & Maryse Steal the Show, Does it Really Feel like WrestleMania Season?

Miz & Maryse provided MUST-SEE TV this week on Smackdown Live, but what does that say about the rest of the WrestleMania card? Check out all of my thoughts as WrestleMania is just ONE week away.

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MM Ep 193 – Massive Blunder on SD Live, HHH Gives a Top Level Promo & Goldberg Gets Booed?

This week I rant on SD Live’s AWFUL 3 second mistake, if there is any chance Goldberg retains at Wrestlemania, how Seth has finally gotten over as a babyface & men vs women in WWE

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MM Ep 190 – WWE’s Damage to Bayley, is AJ vs Shane Really Happening?


Reviewing Raw & SD Live for the week ending 2/24/17, my thoughts on Bayley as women’s champion & who does AJ Styles face at Wrestlemania?

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MM Ep 189 – Somoa Joe’s Outstanding Promo, Bayley’s Title Win & Elimination Chamber Thoughts


JAM-PACKED show this week with my thoughts on Bayley’s Title Win, Naomi, Elimination Chamber & WrestleMania 33 outlook.

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MM Ep 181 – Raw/SD Live Review & Looking Ahead to 2017


This week I take a brief trip down memory lane that was 2016, with some of the highlights and lowlights. I also give you reasons why we should be excited for 2017 as a wrestling fan.

Oh, and I also tell you how you can get involved in my fitness challenge group for the new year! Don’t miss this one!!

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MM Ep 180 – WWE Week in Review – Raw, SD Live & Roadblock


Reviewing WWE Roadblock, Raw & SD Live for the week ending 12/23/16. I also address why WWE has taught us why we shouldn’t be supporting Ezno, Ziggler or Ellsworth.

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MM Ep 179: Raw, SD Live & WWE Roadblock Predictions


Giving my thoughts on Raw, SD Live & WWE Roadblock for this Sunday 12/18/16. I also extend a personal invitation for those of you looking to make your weight loss New Years Resolutions.

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MM Ep 175 – My Very REAL Fitness Story & How it Can Help YOU


Guys, this may be my favorite show I’ve done. I give you a very candid and real story about my fitness journey. From the highs & lows to breakups and tough times, I show you how I used it all to get where I want to be. This is an absolute must listen.

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MM Ep 172 – Raw, SDLive & Official Hell in A Cell Predictions


My thoughts on the week in WWE including Raw, SDLive & my official Hell in A Cell Predictions

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MM Ep 170 – Raw, SDLive & Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar II


Talking some Raw, SD and Goldberg vs Brock.

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MM Ep 167 – WWE Weekly Wrap-Up: Raw, SD Live & Clash of Champions


Providing my weekly WWE Wrap-Up covering Monday Night Raw, Clash of Champions and Smackdown Live!

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MM Ep 154 – WWE’s CRAZY Week in Review – Raw, SD Live! & BattleGround

owens zayn

After 3 full days of wrestling, I’ve had time to digest the outcomes and changes WWE is taking aim at. Listen to my full length audio with some great calls!

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MM Ep 153 – WWE Draft & BattleGround Predictions w/ Benny Mack!



This week I am joined by my co-host Benny Mack as we discuss Smackdown Live, The Draft and give our Official BattleGround Predictions! Don’t forget, I will be doing a LIVE post-game show immediately following the PPV this Sunday on BlogTalkRadio. Search for “Matts Madness”

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MM Ep 150 – Raw, Draft & is John Cena Finally Winning Over The “Hardcore” fans?



With the WWE Draft in 6 days, WWE has the opportunity to hit the reset button. I give my Raw thoughts, what WWE MUST do to make Smackdown Live a success, and who they Raw & Smackdown GM picks may be. 

I also discuss why John Cena may finally be winning the war against the “boos” of male fans.

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MM Ep 148 – Raw Review & Why Roman Winning at BattleGround May Not Be Impossible


WWE clearly took the night off Monday with their sophomoric Vince McMahon humor-esq food fight. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t some bright spots.

I also give some logic as to why putting the belt back on Reigns may not be the worst idea in the world at BattleGround.

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MM Ep 146 – Your Mindset is the Key to Your Fitness Success


Molecular Thoughts

In today’s show I explain why the key to your success in fitness isn’t physical, its mental. Your mindset is the ultimate key to achieving your goals. Listen to here why I prefer a home fitness program vs going to the gym, some of my gym pet peeves and how to overcome compromise.

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MM Ep 145 – Raw, Reigns Suspension, Paige News & Kurt Returning to WWE?


With a huge week in wrestling news behind us, I’ve had time to digest and analyze the happenings in WWE. I discuss not just Raw, but Roman Reigns suspension, Paige being arrested after Money in The Bank and big rumors about Kurt Angle returning to WWE.

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MM Ep 144 – *BREAKING* Roman Reigns Suspended from WWE


Taking Calls and giving my thoughts on the Roman Reigns 30 Day suspension from WWE. What does this mean for his career? Is this really a blessing in disguise?

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MM Ep 142 – Raw Recap, Money in The Bank Predictions & Why Owens is WWE’s MVP


Hear my thoughts on WWE’s go-home Raw show for Money in the Bank. I give my reasons why I feel Kevin Owens is WWE’s MVP week after week.

I also provide my official Money in The Bank predictions including a very bold prediction for the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match between Seth & Roman.

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