MM Ep 191 – Official 2017 Fast Lane Preview – Kurt Angle & Hardy Boys Return?


Giving my official 2017 Fast Lane Predictions, Reviewing Raw & SD Live for the week ending 3/3/17.

Does Undertaker make his presence felt this Sunday? When will we see Kurt Angle?

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MM Ep 106: WWE Fast Lane & Raw Review – Shane O’ Mac Returns!



After an underwhelming WWE Fast Lane PPV, WWE certainly went for the shock factor bringing Shane McMahon back into the fold in WWE. Will Shane actually end up facing Undertaker at WrestleMania? Does WWE finally abandon ship on the Roman Reigns babyface idea?
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MM Ep 105: Fast Lane Pre-Show, Huge Swerve For Main Event?

Fast Lane 2016

With Fast Lane Tonight and a seemingly predictable main event, could WWE Swerve us all and have Roman Reigns NOT win the triple threat? Take a listen why I think this is VERY possible.

Also, I run down the possible MAJOR returns of The Rock, Undertaker, Orton and John Cena. Are any of them possible?

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MM Ep 101: Daniel Bryan Retirement Thoughts, Titus O’Neil Suspension & Fast Lane Thoughts


After an emotional Daniel Bryan Retirement speech, I give my thoughts on his career and reflect on why he was so successful, and was one of the biggest overachievers of all time.

I also discuss the Titus O Neil suspension, review Monday Night Raw from 2/8/16 and discuss the upcoming Fast Lane PPV as well as WrestleMania possibilities.

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MM Ep 100: *BREAKING* Daniel Bryan Announces His Retirement


Daniel Bryan officially announced his retirement on Twitter just hours ago. I break down this announcement and talk about WrestleMania with a Gabby Velasquez, from her blog “Girl Talk With Gabby” – she was an awesome guest with a highly intelligent perspective on the business, where WWE is headed going into WrestleMania 32 and where Daniel Bryan goes from here. Check her out at and follow her on Twitter @girltalkwwe

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MM Ep 98: Raw Review, Early Fast Lane Predictions – Is Brock Losing his “magic”?

Brock Raw

With Fast Lane just 3 weeks away, WWE seemed to tread water with Monday Night Raw. I review the show and address the question of, is Brock Lesnar being overexposed? Is HHH the right guy to defend the title at WrestleMania? Is there any chance of The Rock having a match?

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MM Ep 26 – Fast Lane & Raw Review – Brock Lesnar Walks Out?


Tons of news and thoughts coming out of the Fast Lane PPV. Brock walks out of Raw – what does this mean for the WrestleMania main event? Will we see the Undertaker before WrestleMania? Why didn’t WWE do Sting vs Taker instead?

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MM Ep 25 – Official Fast Lane Predictions – Big Return Planned?


As we approach WWE’s final PPV before WrestleMania, there are a lot of question-marks. Is Roman Reigns Ready for the top spot? When will the Undertaker Return? Can Cena beat Rusev? Forgot to mention in my podcast, but Sting and HHH likely to get physical, with HHH getting the upper-hand.

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MM Ep 24 – Raw Takes a Step Sideways as Fast Lane Approaches

reigns spear

Monday Night Raw (aired 2/9/15) failed to provide a clear picture of where WWE is heading for WrestleMania. Is Reigns now a heel? Has this year lost the magical feel for Daniel Bryan? Where is Randy Orton?


MM Ep 23 – Wild Week in WWE – Is Daniel Bryan Back in the Main Event at WrestleMania?


After a wild week in WWE, there are still a lot of questions to answer. Will Daniel Bryan beat Roman Reigns at Fast Lane? Will the Undertaker return to face Bray Wyatt? Where does Seth Rollins fit into the plans? 

I also cover my thoughts on the Stone Cold Podcast with HHH.

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