MM Ep 202 : RAW & SD Live Reviews & Why I’m Looking Forward to Brock Lesnar’s Return More Than Ever

Looking back at Raw & SD Live. Is Charlotte really a babyface? Why I like Jinder’s main event push, and why I’m looking forward to Brock Lesnar’s return more than ever before

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MM Ep 196 – “Superstar Shakeup” Review & Should WWE Fire JBL?

Reviewing Raw & SDLive for the week ending 4/14/17. I also give a very candid no-filter opinion on the bullying culture that lives within WWE, JBL’s participation & how to eliminate the problem.

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MM Ep 183 – Raw & SD Live Reviews & My Rant on Woman-Man Physicality in WWE



Reviewing Raw & SD Live for the week ending 1/6/17. Rants on David Otunga & Woman on Man violence can also be found inside. It’s a can’t miss week of WWE thoughts.
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MM Ep 177 – Survivor Series Review – What Just Happened?!


Breaking down the entire Survivor Series PPV, including the very controversial and polarizing finish to Brock vs Goldberg.

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MM Ep 174 – WWE Weekly Wrap-Up: Raw & SD Live Review & Official Undertaker Return Date!


Reviewing this week in WWE including Goldberg’s Spear to Heyman, Charlotte’s continued mastery of her character & Undertaker’s Official Return date revealed!

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MM Ep 161 – Its Time to Play the Game….Again

KO champ

HHH surprised even the “smartest” of fans this week by returning to not only cost Roman Reigns the WWE Universal Title, but also Seth Rollins.. and crown his next hand selected “Man”, Kevin Owens.

In Today’s Show I discuss Owen’s win, SD Live’s fallout with AJ Styles & Dean Ambrose and even discuss Heath Slater’s latest run.

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WWE’s Week in Review for August 26th 2016 (Video)

Check out my thoughts in what was a crazy week in WWE in under 10 minutes!

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MM Ep 114: Interview With Former WWE Smackdown GM Teddy Long

Teddy Long Pic

Check out my interview with former WWE Referee and Smackdown GM, Teddy Long. We cover his current endeavors, favorite memories as the Smackdown GM and the current product as we head into WrestleMania. Teddy also gives a compelling reason to keep Roman Reigns as a babyface for the time being. This is a must listen!

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MM Ep 112: Raw Thoughts, Reigns Booed (again), Shane Stumbles & WrestleMania 32


Overall I felt Raw from Pittsburgh (aired 3/14/16) was very solid. This had to be WWE’s last gasp at an attempt to make Roman Reigns the babyface champion at WrestleMania. HHH ran down the audience for 15 minutes, and Roman still gets booed after delivering a hellacious beatdown of The Game.

Dean vs Brock continues to be intriguing from the perspective of who interferes in this match?

Shane stumbled on his words Monday night, and in my opinion lost some momentum heading into WrestleMania.

Listen to my Raw Review and some great callers!

*REMINDER* this Friday I will be interviewing Teddy Long – Former WWE Referee and Smackdown manager. This will be available on demand on iTunes Friday evening.

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MM Ep 105: Fast Lane Pre-Show, Huge Swerve For Main Event?

Fast Lane 2016

With Fast Lane Tonight and a seemingly predictable main event, could WWE Swerve us all and have Roman Reigns NOT win the triple threat? Take a listen why I think this is VERY possible.

Also, I run down the possible MAJOR returns of The Rock, Undertaker, Orton and John Cena. Are any of them possible?

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MM EP 89: Raw Review, Brock Lesnar Returns & Main Event Mess


Reviewing the Raw from 1/11/16. I talk about the very confusing main event, Brocks return, Royal Rumble possibilities and WrestleMania hints that were placed on Raw.

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MM EP 87: Raw Review, Cena’s Injury, NJPW & Rumble News


In one of the most jam-packed epidoses of Matts Madness I discuss the impact of the John Cena shoulder injury, the apparent WWE acquisition of the “Bullet Club” from NJPW and what the Royal Rumble outcomes could be as we dive head first into WrestleMania season

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